Italian peninsula, early 90s. After the fall of the Soviet Union, the most powerful communist party in the West changed name and started its first full-scale coup against what was considered the “establishment” at the time. With the excuse of fighting the corruption that was supposedly rampant in the files of the five parties (Pentapartito), the pro-western coalition that had governed the country for more than a decade (comprised of christian-democrats, socialist dissidents, liberals, social-democrats, republicans), the communists activated their sleeper agents in the judicial system and recruited attorneys with the promise of a brilliant and quick future political career to be unleashed with the purpose of bringing down the people that had prevented them to come to power when the USSR still existed.


So the judiciary, with powers practically equal to those held by Judges in the “Judge Dredd” comics’ post-apocalyptic society, started the great farce trials. Fidel Castro would have been so proud, and he probably was, at the time. With the aggressivness of rabid dogs, they “preemptively” arrested and jailed more than five thousand people, most of whom didn’t have anything to do with anything. The result was 45 people that committed suiced, and families ruined and discredited. And regarding corruption? Nothing changed. But that wasn’t what mattered at all. They acted very efficiently and succesfully, for they removed almost all serious opposition, while clearing the communists and their fifth columns. Yes, they were the pure ones, the uncorruptibles! Regardless of the accusations of illegal funding from Moscow and collaboration with the KGB, what nonsense! Probably just pro-american CIA lying propaganda.


And that’s how the “first republic” ended. The way was cleared by the judicial system to the communist power grab, finally, now that the “red danger” was supposedly over, and wasn’t perceived as a threat anymore. With the 1994 elections approaching, the globalist “joyful war machine” led by communist hard-liner Achille Occhetto was portrayed as the only political force that could open up the new “progressive” era…if it wasn’t for one damned outsider: Silvio Berlusconi. The controversial entrepeneur from Milan, one of the richest people in the world, decided to get into politics, as he stated, to “counter the communist menace” that according to him was still present, and rightly so, we might add. All hell broke loose among the leftists and the élite. Lower taxes? Less regulation? Free market? Wait a minute, what?! An entrepeneur couldn’t possibly be a politician! Say something, sign petitions! But they were taken by surprise and they lost those historic elections by quiet a margin. And all went on to live happily ever after…..or maybe not. Remeber the politicized judicial system? Here we go. The left’s main weapon was ready to deliver a blow to the new administration, not even three years in office, and an indictment by the almighty judges sufficed to lead to a crisis of governemnt, with the help of pro-left complacent president of the republic, Oscar Luigi Scalfaro. What followed was an absolute obscure era, where we were taxed to the marrow to join the EU and to be among the first to enter the new criminal common currency, the Euro, thanks to globalist former christian democrat professional scammer Romano Prodi (also good friend of our dear George Soros), the prime minister in those terrible times. After that, there was a series of “technical governments” (unelected), one worst than the other. In the meantime, Berlusconi was at the opposition and still under various investigations regarding his businessess, but actually never fuond guilty. Come 2001 and after all the taxations and regulation, surprise surprise!, Berlusconi won again presenting an economical classical liberal program. The opposition was still fierce and foaming at the mouth. Protest after protest, riot after riot, investigation after investigation, on himself, on his family, students occupying schools etc., the left hammered on with everything they’ve got, that is a lot, apart from the popular vote. Psuedo-intellectuals, sports and tv celebrities, always spuoting leftist propaganda and personal attacks on the prime minister; singers making songs against Berlusconi, writers writing stories fantasizing about him being assassinated and even kidnapped and sadistically tortured! I remember those times, beign in school in a far-leftist enclave, it was just crazy! And now I see that happening again. On the other side of the Atlantic, in the US! What the deep state, the élite and the pseudo-intellectuals and useless celebrities are doing under the guidance of the globalists is pretty much the same. They too are also using the judiciary to sabotage president Trump, and even globalist operatives inside the intelligence community.


Now to be clear, I’m not really comparing Trump to Berlusconi, they are two different people and have also different programs. In this recent period Berlusconi became, under we believe both blackmail and political opportunity, a globalist and an EU shill, unfortunately (plus, he’s always been kind of a cuckservative, if you ask me), but some similarities can indeed be made. The people that voted them were the disinfranchised, the ones left out by the élites “progressive” policies, that means small businesses, small entrepeneurs and even workers and public sector low level employees. The methods wich have been succesful more than once to remove the italian PM from power (judiciary, false propaganda, personal attacks) are been used right now to demonize and to sabotage Trump. And don’t forget internal sabotage, that was also key, as we’ll see as we conclude the “story”.


So in 2006, the left, after all the smearing campaign (bear this in mind…) succeeded in winning again at the general elections, but just barely and with more than a suspect of voter fraud. According to our system, if a governemnt in charge looses the majority of consensus in parliament, a new governemnt must be made (in theory through elections, but it seems that nowadays they like to use “technical governemnts”, elections are for losers, right?). The left couldn’t hold it, and lost soundly once again in 2008 to Berlusconi and the center-right coalition. This time they even played the sex card, and the accusation was that of having had sex with minors at private parties, an accusation that was never proven, even though the guy liked chicks, maybe too much, but that’s another issue. Anyway, his majority in parliament was sound, that was not the problem. The problem was that he started making statemetns and remarks that were not exactly kind towards Angela Merkel, the german (and european) boss, and the Euro. Was he a jerk to Merkel? Yes? Good! But according to intercepted conversations he supposedly also accosted foreign leaders at various meetings, to start negotiations to leave the Euro. And that was it. He needed to go, possibly once and for all. President of the republic, communist Giorgio Napolitano, didn’t waste time in starting conspiring (yes, conspiring) with Merkel and European Central Bank director Mario Draghi, to force Berlusconi to resign, thus committing high treason against the institutions. With Merkel and the élite’s blessing, the then prime minister, elected by the people through the democratic process, was ousted, just like that. From his allies and his entourage, no support, no one stood against the act of treason committed in violation of the constitution by traitorous president Napolitano. Some even had an active part in pulling the rag from under Berlusconi’s feet, like former deputy PM Gianfranco Fini (now in trouble for money laundering), as well as other “allies”. He himself was silent, due to judiciary blackmail regarding his businesses (put up or we shut you and your family down). Absolute globalist Mario Monti was nominated PM and our real taste of technocracy began. Fake elections were held in 2013, but the elected PM (of course, he was from the left) resigned immediately afterwards, and so on we went to this day with unelected governments. As I said, now Berlusconi is shilling for the EU, the Euro and the current government, he’s not heading a revolutionary force like he had in 1994 anymore. His party in Europe is voting for all the free trade agreements imaginable and defending the globalist program.


In my opinion Trump needs to look at this part of italian political history and learn from it. As said, the two characters are quiet different, Trump seems to be the actual real deal, for once, but I believe that many circumstances are similar: the antagonistic propaganda, the hatred, the sabotage can happen and are happening in pretty much the same way in America right now. Beware!




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