Today’s not a good day for Donald Trump. The resignation of his national security advisor, former lieutenent general Michael Flynn, has been a tough one for national sovereignty supporters and has been seen as a sign of weakness by both supporters and, worst of all, by his detractors.

The anti-Trump opposition, not only made of democrats but also of neo-conservative republican establishment and, of course, of the mainstream media, is unanimously rejoycing at the great victory they obtained. Flynn, according to official news, would have been forced to resign for liyng to president and vice-president regarding talks that he had with the russian ambassador, to discuss the “possibility of removing the economic sanctions” on Russia. It was even said that this could constitute a felony, in violation of the Logan Act, a 1799 law, that details imprisonment for citizens that negotiate with foreign governenments in dispute with the United States, but the eventuality wasn’t confirmed by the FBI, that cleared Flynn on this issue. So the problem was one of trust, as stated by White House press correspondent Sean Spicer, a trust that would have been irremediably lost by the ex-general, having him lied to his direct superiors.

Leaving aside the fact that many other US offcials, all globalists of course, had had secret talks with foreign entities at Trilateral and Bilderberg group meetings, one may ask if Trump or vice-president Pence really weren’t aware of Flynn’s talks with russian diplomats. It seems unlikely, as Trump always had the intention of trying to reassure the Russians over the climate of tension continously stirred and fomented by the Obama administration, even after the elections. Flynn would have allegedly omitted some details, according to others, that would have led to VP Pence unvoluntarily releasing inaccurate statements to the american press. This would have led to so serious consequences to require resignation. Pretty weird.

But not at least for those who are used to look somewhat beyond the smoke screen and the partisan media’s offcial declarations, that as usual are omitting so many fudamental details, in a very unprofessional manner towards the journalistic profession, that would be quiet useful to understand what’s really behind this resignations.

Remeber the “fake news” that was circulating during the campaing, according to which Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff would have been involved in a pedophile ring?  That series of emails containing conversations that didn’t apparently make any sense, utilizing words that according to none other than the FBI are code words frequently utilized by pedophiles for their online communications? Well, it now seems that those news weren’t that fake. Infact right after elections, a series of arrests has been started in the US, as well as in Australia and Europe, with the intent of dismantling international pedophile rings. It seems that the email released by WikiLeaks, regarding Hillary’s close entourage, have played a key role in sparking these arrests. According to american federal, state and local authorities as well as australian federal police and Europol, other arrests will follow. Now, one of the fiercest supporters of the necessity to investigate these disgusting dealings was, guess who, general Michael Flynn, no wonder he was so hated by Hillary Clinton’s staff and one of the main targets of the democrats’ smearing campaign. Worth looking into is also a tweet put out by Clinton’s senior advisor Philippe Reines, where he suggested Flynn to start looking for another job, right before resignation were announced. Clinton herself, also on Twitter, wrote that these were the consequences for spreading fake news.

But that’s not all. As we already know, also the republican establishment feels a deep resentment for the newly elected president and his entourage. One of the targets to be removed in their view was of course, our Michael Flynn, not a fan of the sanctions on Russia and of the reckless military interventions in the Middle-East, so dear to neo-cons such as Jeb Bush, John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. To have an understanding of how much Flynn was “loved” by the élite, he was fired by Obama for refusing to give military support to Al Qaeda jihadis (or ISIS, it’s the same) in Syria to topple Assad’s regime, stating afterwards that he wouldn’t have allowed the US to become “Al Qaeda’s air force”.

Michael Flynn’s firing was the result of the huge daily efforts by Washington’s “bi-partisan cabal” external but also internal to the Trump administration. It’s known that many members of his staff come from neo-cons ranks, and are operating as double agents for the élite. The combined efforts between democrats, republicans and the regime’s media had quickly repayed. Already with the notorious restrictions on immigration from the famous seven countries, a lawful and constitutional act, blocked by an act of mutiny by a politicized judicial system, and now woth another well placed strike, the removal of the hated national security advisor. All this has been very well orchestrated and obtained with great cunning. Many of the president’s supporters, as we do, are agreeing on the fact that he shouldn’t have given up, because in front of these “strong powers” one cannot concede anything. Every sign of weakness is like blood smelled by a hungry pack of wolves. It would be useless and damaging to attempt an appeasement, and it would be fatal to give up to external pressure. In March there are going to be marches in support of president Trump all over the country. The overwhelimng majority must make itself be heard, to confirm the support to the program with wich he’s been elected. If everyone that has voted for him will show up, there won’t be no Soros funded protest group, no communist group, no black panthers that will be able to stand in the way. The people that has legitimately elected this president must support him once again.

With this victory, this “scalp” that they obtained, the élites have created an opening in which they inserted a wedge that they’ll start hammering it. They’ll demand other heads, they’ve already took one that they mustn’t have taken. They’ll want the heads of Stephen K. Bannon, Stephen Miller and Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s closest advisors. Only the people that have elected him can now save him from collapse and help him find again that resolve and that “politically incorrect” which characterized him from the start of his candidacy. Otherwise it will all have been for nothing.









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