Newly elected president of the United States Donald Trump, is in the crosshair again and has caused another massive uproar of indignation due to him signing an executive order that is supposed to “prevent terrorists from entering the US”. Such executive order consists in denying access to american national territory for 120 days to refugees awaiting relocation and to citizens of 7 countries: Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, Sudan, Libya and Syria. The entrance of refugees coming from this last country is to be suspended “until further notice”. American citizens that might travel frequently from said countries might be subjected to further questioning by border authorities, as already amply allowed by existing law, while green-card holders that are citizens of the countries included in the order will be reviewed case by case (but in general won’t have any problems, as specified by a counselor to the president).

One of the reasons why this action is criticized is that this is a “muslim ban”. While it is true that the countries interested by the temporary stop on immigration are in prevalence muslim, they absolutely not represent the majority of the muslim population, which inhabits countries that are not included in the list (like Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Turkey, central asian former soviet republics etc.) and that, after normal control at the border, are free to enter the United States.

Immediately swarms of lawyers and activists rushed to american airports to protest because some people were been held temporarily by customs (and promtly released). Democrat senator Chuck Schumer was in tears defining “really mean-spirited” Trump’s executive order, and various “progressive” judges didn’t waste any time in declaring the new act uncostitutional. Of course, they’re free to protest in the streets and in the airports. But we’re free then to ask why nobody ever raised a finger, except some obscure civil rights associations completely ignored by the media at the time, when in 2011 the champion of the disadvantaged, Barack Hussein Obama, authorized a temporary hold on iraqi refugees for guess what? “risk of terrorist attacks”. There’s more to it: between 2015 and 2016, countries interested by the executive order, then easily turned into law, became six, the same countries that we found today, in Trump’s “controversial” initiative!

But what can we say, when everyone was silent when a democrat bombed and killed more people than his hated predecessor Bush and has significantly contributed to the migrant crisis and to the increase of international terrorism, we’re not surprised by the fact that there has been absolute silence regarding laws regulating immigration. What is it? Obama’s executive order was sensible, but not Trump’s? The hypocrisy is reaching levels never seen before and, in our opinion, we haven’t seen anything yet.





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